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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sellers & Buyers be ready for January 27, 2013

(USPS New Prices Rates) 
In 2012, we were bombarded with dates to be ready for something. In special the end of the world dates like May 21, the Mayan Prophecy in December 21 (or it was December 23). Anyway, the USPS gave us a date to be ready in 2013. It isn’t for an apocalyptic scenario where Hollywood and other guys can make big money, but the USPS gave us a new increase in prices rates. Also like always to stop the big slap they add or change some services. You know cosmetic stuff that only some people will see and make others happy.

The increases for the past few years as far I know where related to the USPS problem with their budgets, pensions payments, and lost of mail letters. All are important stuff, but right now

I’m not sure if the Grinch is the U.S. Postmaster General, but be ready to face a new price rates in January 27, 2013. 

it is a complicated thing and out of my main topic.

As seller that uses the USPS as default shipping method for Domestic and International. I recommend to every fellow seller check the new/renamed services and new prices. For example in Domestic the Parcel Post will be known as Standard Post. Free tracking will be available for retail Priority Mail and Standard Post.

If you ship International as far I check the big increases in prices are for International Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes/Envelopes and the First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS). If you believe that the 50% increase for FCPIS in 2012 for 1rst ounces was big. We are getting a similar increase again in 2013. This time the increase will "cover" the cost of the new Electronic Delivery 
Confirmation International, but be ready like the one for Priority International it isn’t guarantee to be available in every country. 

As buyer in the Domestic zone as far I checked there aren’t big increases to worry about. Now if you are outside the USA or an International buyer be ready to understand that shipping prices are getting up. 

If things continue this way sellers and buyers must be ready every year in January for not just a new year, but for an USPS New Price Rate increase. The most interesting part of all these increases is that every time the International commerce is getting harder for both sides in a planet suppose to move to globalization.


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