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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

News and Updates: My first impression about Marvel Retro cards (September 03, 2013)

I was reading Nonsportscardforum.com and I found a Box Break topic about Fleer Marvel RetroTrading Cards (Upper Deck). At first I believe it was really a new Rittenhouse card series because it was obvious the copy-paste artwork. But I remember that also Upper Deck like to recycle artwork. Seriously the only “Retro” feeling I got looking the cards was only when I saw the original border design used for the Marvel Universe Series cards and the Fleer Ultra X-men cards.

Thanks to forum member skeen to share his box break. Also thanks to Upper Deck one more to kill a good franchise from the ‘90s.

I saw a single sealed box for sale for more than $200 in eBay. Really an overprice product. I consider a ridiculous price unless you are interesting to get the sketch card.

For Sale: Justice League of America Archives Other Earths Card OE2 Owlman EX-MT

Price: $1.50
Shipping & Handling: Destinations

Card Condition: Excellent-Mint (EX-MT)
Manufacturer: Rittenhouse
Year: 2009

Payment Methods:
  • Money Order ($US)

For Sale: DC Outburst FirePower Maximum Card #15 EX

Price: $0.40
Shipping & Handling: Destinations

Card Condition: Excellent (EX)
Manufacturer: Fleer/SkyBox
Year: 1996

Payment Methods:
  • Money Order ($US)