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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Look what I found: Bishop & Apocalypse Lenticular Card L7

Some months ago, I was checking my new founds from some Marvel Heroes & Villains packs. Then I decide to check my Lenticular cards with the official Rittenhouse checklist and the Jeff Allender’s Checklist when I noted that card L7 Bishop/Apocalypse wasn’t part of it. So I decide to check in eBay for other card. Nothing found. I asked to other collectors in the Nonsportscardforum. Nobody has seen it. 

One of the members recommended contacting Rittenhouse (RH) to ask about it. The RH support answer was that the card was inserted by “accident” because it was planned for other “future” product. So time will tell if it was for a future release or it is a rare card.

Here are some photos of the card.

Marvel Heroes and Villains Lenticar Card L7 Bishop & Apocalyse (Front view)

Back view of Card L7

Update info:
- Jeff Allender’s Checklist added the card in the list as “scarce”. 


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