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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: DC versus Marvel (Fleer/Skybox 1995) Jumbo/Rack Pack Box

I bought 2 boxes (1 normal and 1 jumbo) of DC versus Marvel (by Fleer/Skybox 1995) from this I opened the Jumbo Box (see Figure 1). For my surprise and for first time I saw a long jumbo pack (see Figure 2). The box has 24 packs of 11 Cards plus a Ballot to vote for the winners of the crossover.

Figure 1- The jumbo box.

Figure 2- The jumbo pack.

The base set is composing of 100 cards. This box has 3 types of inserts sets:  Impact Cards (1:4 packs), Holo F/X Cards (1:8 packs), and Mirage Cards (1:360 packs). From this box I got 1 basic set, 7 Impact Cards #5,10,11,12,13,16, and 18 (Figure 3 & 4) and 3 Holo F/X Cards #5,6, and 9 (Figure 5).

Figure 3- Impact Card #5.

Figure 4- Impact Card #10,11,12,13,16, and 18.

Figure 5- Holo F/X Cards.

The base set (see Figure 6) illustrations has combination of drawings and paints. The paints show the important battles in the cross-over like Superman vs. Hulk. The first card is paint then every nine you will see one in the set. Like the classics base sets of the 90’s. The artwork is from the actual comic’s artists of the time like Joe Quesada, Kubert Brothers, John Byrne, etc. In the back of each card you can see the names of the artist, inkers, and CGI designers for each card. For example the Sabretooth by Joe Quesada (Figure 7). The Impact Cards are part of 2 puzzles based in 9 cards. The Impact cards #1-9 are JLA vs. Avengers and #10-18 X-Men vs. Teen Titans. The Holo F/X cards are the paints you see in the base set.

Figure 6- The base set.

Figure 7- Sabretooth Card.

The condition of the cards is great. From 264 cards, only 16 base cards and 1 Impact Card were in Very Good condition. Also I found near 30 cards with a little rollover defect. The design and artwork for the base card and the chase cards is great. The only disappointment is see some of the artwork of the base set recycled for the Holo F/X chase set.

The Good
-          Base set illustrations are and made by famous artist.
-          The artwork is great, but I see better artwork in other sets.
-          Condition of the cards. Expect to find 15% to 20% of the cards with a defect.

The Bad
-          Artwork was recycled to create one of the chase sets.

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