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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For Sale: Marvel Heroes and Villains - Single Cards

Price: $0.25
Shipping & Handling: Destinations

Card Condition: Excellent-Mint or Near Mint
Manufacturer: Rittenhouse
Year: 2010

Payment Methods:
  • Money Order ($US)
*Please contact for multiple purchases*

~ Marvel Heroes and Villains (Rittenhouse 2010) Single/Base/Common Cards ~

The price is for each card. The cards are in "Excellent-Mint or Near Mint or Mint" condition. Some cards have extra copies, but others are limited. Ask first for extra copies of a card.

Buyers send by e-mail the specific card number. Indicate the number and quantity clearly. Order will be taken by received. So 1rst buyer has the priority to choose the cards then the rest of the buyers.

If you buy less than 10 cards all cards are ship in Ultra Pro Card Sleeves and Top-Loaders. For 10 cards or more, the cards will be ship in Ultra-Pro, Collector Safe, or PKK Ultimate Collection 2-Pieces Storage Box. Read the description and terms “carefully”.  If you have any question asks. Thanks.

The following cards are available:

#2    Thor vs. Loki
  3    Skaar vs. Juggernaut
  7    Wolverine vs. Stryfe
  8    Nick Fury vs. Ares
12    Wonder-Man vs. Penance
13    Deadpool vs. Skrull
17    Iron Man vs. Whiplash                    
18    Thing vs. Dr. Doom
19    Sasquatch vs. Sabretooth
20    Nova vs. Super-Skrull
21    Skaar vs. Tyrannus
22    Iron Fist vs. Quan Yaozu
23    Nova vs. Sphinx
26    Dr. Strange vs. Dormammu
27    War Machine vs. Ares
30    Ms. Marvel vs. Ms. Marvel
31    Thing vs. Clay Golem
32    Ghost Rider vs. Blackout
33    Thor vs. Gauntlet
34    Rogue vs. Emplate
35    Wolverine vs. Magneto
37    Archangel & Vanisher vs. Pyro
40    Moon Knight vs. Venom
41    Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom
44    Hercules vs. Ares
45    Nova vs. Monark Starstalker
46    Punisher vs. Bullseye
49    Rocket Raccoon vs. Blastaar
50    Captain America vs. Red Skull
53    Wolverine vs. Mystique
54    Elektra vs. Skrull Daredevil
56    Black Panther vs. Wakandan Tribesman
57    Thing & Human Torch vs. Rhino & Abomination
58    Spider-Man vs. Red Hulk
61    Thor vs. Skrull
62    Sage vs. Purge
70    Captain America vs. Loki
71    Thor vs. Frost Giant
74    Spider-Man vs. Electro
75    U.S. Agent vs. Nuke
76    Nick Fury vs. Norman Osborn
77    Daredevil vs. Bullseye
79    Moon Knight vs. Scarecrow

Updated: August 20, 2012