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Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine (Fleer/Skybox 1996) Jumbo/Rack Pack Box

I bought 3 boxes of Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine by Fleer/Skybox 1996 some months ago. The box looks like a classic Jumbo Box (see Figure 1), but it only has 6 cards by pack and the box had 36 packs. I bought 3 boxes of this series because is really rare and scarce to find this series.

Figure 1- The classic jumbo box, like this 1994 Fleer Spider-Man.

The base set is composing of 90 cards. It has 2 types of inserts sets:  Holoflash (1:4 packs), and Mirage/Lenticular (1:24 packs). Every box I got 1 basic set and Foil Set, and a Lenticular card. I got lucky to complete the Lenticular set and I get one extra in other box. So from 3 boxes I got 4 Lenticular Cards (see Figure 2), 3 Holoflash Sets & 3 base sets.

Figure 2- The Lenticular Cards.

The base set (see Figure 3) illustrations is great paints from different artists. I can’t see the artist firm in the artwork like other series of cards, but it is found in the checklist. Base set “Weapon X” by Glenn Orbik, “Department H” by Ken Kelly, “Second Genesis” by Tom Kuffin, “Japan” by Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo, “Allies” by Dave Dorman, “Madripoor” by Mark Texeira, “Mojoworld” by Tom Fleming, “Enemies” by Cliff Nielsen,  “X-Men” by Joe Jusko, “Age of Apocalypse” by Marc Sasso, and “Savage Beast” by Brian Stelfreeze. And 9 Chase Cards or Holoflash Cards by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt. Contrary to the past X-Men Fleer Sets were you find the Bio or background of the story. In the back panel of the cards you are going to find a little comic book story of Savage Wolverine & Elektra in the Mojo’s World.

Figure 3- The base set.

The Holoflash Cards (Figure 4 & 5) are a big puzzle that looks like the Fatal Attraction moment when Magneto pulls out the Adamantium from Wolverine. In the back is a little adventure of Lil Wolverine getting ready for a Halloween Costume Party.

Figure 4- The Holofash Set (front view).

Figure 5- The Holofash Set (back view).

The condition of the cards is the bad story. In the middles ‘90s Skybox & Fleer began to implement glossy surfaces and gold ink to the cards. Many of these cards act like I was Magneto who designs them. The cards like to stick together and sometimes when you separated them, they loose parts (see Figure 6). The X-Men Wolverine set is a great example. Near 50% of the base cards were in that condition. The Chase Cards were fine because they don’t suffer this problem. They were always packed as the last card in the pack.

Figure 6- The damage cards.

The set has excellent artwork and the Chase Cards aren’t something great, but like all cards from ’90s the focus was the base set. The design & illustrations are excellent. The condition of the cards is poor. Because if you open a “sealed box”. You expect to get near 70% of the cards in “Near Mint–Mint” Condition. As far the only “glossy” cards I found with the “Magneto Problem” are the 1994 Flair Marvel. 

The Good
-          Base set illustrations are and made by famous artist.
-          The artwork is fantastic.
-          Easy to made the Chase Set.

The Bad
-          Difficult to find the boxes.
-          Condition of the cards.
-          Mirage (Lenticular) cards aren’t the best Chase/Insert Cards.

If you are interesting to buy Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine by Fleer/Skybox 1996  sets, single/base/common cards or chase cards check my store:


  1. awesome i have complete set from the year before this one i believe and only couple of that set from when i was kid.. very great artwork still wish they put these out.. and wonder how stupid baseball is so popular in the old cards yet these went down in value and the art is amazing like alex ross ish.

  2. Yes, the X-Men Fleer Ultra card series were one of the best for original artwork. I bought some new sets from 2009 and 2010 and the only new artwork you can find is the sketch card because the rest of the cards are just copy-paste from comic covers or panels.

  3. Do you have a shipping number for me to trace my order 3987541
    Batman saga of the dark knight (Skybox 1994) lot of 14 cards EX..
    email me at itzik11758@yahoo.com Tnx