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Thursday, March 15, 2012

For Sale: Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine - Single Cards

Price: $0.30
Shipping & Handling: Destinations

Card Condition: Excellent-Mint or Near-Mint
Manufacturer: Fleer/SkyBox
Year: 1996

Payment Methods:
  • Money Order ($US)
*Please contact for multiple purchases*

Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine (Fleer/Skybox 1996) Single/Base/Common Cards

The price is for each card. The cards are in "Excellent-Mint or Near-Mint or Mint" condition. Some cards have extra copies, but others are limited. Ask first for extra copies of a card. Buyers send by e-mail the specific card number. Indicate the number and quantity clearly. Order will be taken by received. So 1rst buyer has the priority to choose the cards then the rest of the buyers.

If you buy less than 10 cards all cards are ship in Ultra Pro Card Sleeves and Top-Loaders. For 10 cards or more, the cards will be ship in Ultra-Pro, Collector Safe, or PKK Ultimate Collection 2-Pieces Storage Box. Read the description and terms “carefully”.  If you have any question asks. Thanks.

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