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Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: G.I.Joe 30th Salute Cards (Comic Images 1994)

The set is about the G.I.Joe merchandise and media from 1964 to 1994. I bought 2 boxes and open one (see Figure 1). Like some of the products of Comics Images of the ‘90s there is sometimes a disclaimer indicating that if you get and Insert or Chase you are lucky (it doesn’t said literally, but it what you understand). The box 48 packs with 10 cards in each one.

Figure 1- The G.I.Joe 30th Salute card box.

The base set is composing of 90 cards. The series has 4 types of inserts sets: Chromium Cards, Comic Anthology Subset, Autograph Card, and Medallion Card. I don’t wrote any ratio because by my experience with Comic Images. It doesn’t work. From this box I got 2 basic sets, 3 Chromium Cards (C1, C5, and C6) and Comic Anthology Card #1 (Figure 2).

Figure 2- Chromium Cards (C1, C5, and C6) and Comic Anthology Card #1.

The cards from base set (see Figure 3) are photos or illustrations for merchandise like toys produced or prototypes, comic books covers, and some conception artwork. It is Comic Images so I wasn’t expecting in the front a great design or something like that. It isn’t good for the eye see the mix between photos and drawings. The ones whose designed it looks like they weren’t thinking about displaying the cards. Not even the checklist has the classic subdivisions when cards have different contents. The only interesting part of the set and the only good thing I like from Comic Images is the way they add in the back of the card interesting info of the front illustration (contrary to some sets like JLA Archives). In the back you will find the explication or info of the illustration plus extra info in the left of the card of some G.I.Joe characters or vehicles. The Chase cards aren’t so great. The differences from the base cards are the material and back design. The Chromium cards are just some G.I.Joe dolls in a relate term scenario and the Comic Anthology Card is just a normal card with a comic book fact and a front illustration not directly related to the info in the back. Card #1 is about the death of General Flagg, but the front is Lady Jade, Roadblock, and Flint.

Figure 3- The base set.

Now I’m going to talk about the great problem of the products of Comic Images from ‘90s, the “Card Condition”.  I have some of their 90’s products and it is a miracle to find a series or box with cards in great condition (I mean a lot of Near Mint cards). From 480 cards, only near 150 are in Near Ming Condition. I’m not a specialize grader, but there weren’t “Mint” condition cards in this box. And something more get to my attention when I was grouping the cards. The cards aren’t cut the same height. The maximum different I found was 1 millimeter. You can see what I refer looking Figure 4 and 5. This manufacturer error is very rare to see in cards and in special in the base cards. I saw it with some chase cards that the material isn’t cardboard like Marvel 70 Years Clear Chase Cards, but as I said before is very rare.

Figure 4- A lot of cards. Left side cards are technically parallel. Look difference in right side.

Figure 5- The max different in height between some cards is 1mm.

My final thoughts

If you are G.I.Joe fan the set will be good in your collection. If you are a non-sport collector the set will not be very interesting because the lack of design and condition of the cards.

The Good
-          Back of the cards have interesting info.

The Bad
-          Buy a box don’t guarantee get a Chase card.
-          Condition of the cards.
-          Design of the cards.

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